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My name is Jacqui...


Welcome to belief and Healing and I want to thank you for taking the time to hear a little more about me and my story... I believe our stories are one of our most valuable possessions we own.

I started Belief and Healing in 2019 following my own personal journey of self development to improve my health and emotional wellbeing.

Having suffered from depression, anxiety and compassion fatigue (a form of burn out), I know first hand the impact that this has on us and those around us. I spent years feeling worthless and empty before I learnt how to heal myself and now on a mission to help others with the knowledge and skills I have developed and the passion to make a difference.

What I now understand is that burn out is so often our mind and body trying to tell us when our overall wellbing is unbalanced.

Often we don't fully acknoweldge how stress or trauma is affecting us, unaware we lack in emotional resilience because it is easy to 'cope' for so long by using unhealthy coping strategies that seem to work or ...we have accecpted somehow that life is just difficult and know no other way or expect no more...but this simply isn't true!

I am not someone saying this without the understanding of how hard life can be either...I have previously lived with significant debt, addiction and childhood bereavment and also have a long term chronic health condition so it is from these lived experiences AND my clinical background as a registered nurse, hypotherapist and NLP coach that I now have insight and tools to support both individuals and organisations. 

My mission is to help others become more emotionaly resilient and find greater wellbeing as I have and those that have worked with me because we all deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

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