What is Coaching?


Coaching is an incredibly powerful experience to unleash your innate potential and help you bridge the gap from where you are now and where you would like to be in your life.  

Whether you’re aiming to achieve that next big goal, or simply at a crossroads, or you’ve lost drive, direction and feel stuck, coaching will empower you to find vision, create and take action to achieve the life you want to live and find your happiness.

As an NLP coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and a registered nurse, I have a powerful toolkit that will help you make meaningful and lasting change, by working at both a conscious and subconscious level.  Helping you address your fears, limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits, whilst together we will create a practical step-by-step action plan to achieve your goals with on-going support and accountability.

Why I know this works…because it has changes my life and its my mission to help you change yours!

Bridge to reaching your goals



Find new direction
Take action
Details & cost
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Barriers that generally stop us reaching our goals or success:

  • Limiting believes
  • Lack of self-worth, acceptance and confidence
  • Fears and doubts
  • Poor emotional resilience
  • The habit of procrastination or overwhelm
  • Unwanted habits/ patterns of behavior and poor coping strategies
Benifits of Coaching

Through the coaching process and techniques you will experience with me, you will be supported to grow, develop positive behavioral change to overcome these barriers and in turn impact the way you see the world and yourself within it.

Ultimately coaching is about change that results in real improvements to live a happier, healthier and more satisfying life. This starts with authenticity and congruence to be your best self and as such is both transformational and life affirming.

Things coaching can help with

All aspects of our lives can benefit from coaching, the way I coach individuals is person centered and wholistic with a wellness focused approach. This means it can impact both your personal and professional life and whole being. Areas I specifically can help you focus improve or overcome include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Stress reduction
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Development of confidence
  • Develop healthy habits and strategies
  • Weight loss or quitting smoking
  • Relationships issues
  • Personal development and improvement
  • Reduce procrastination and increase productivity
  • Goal setting, time management and organisation
  • Clarity for career change or progression
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Skills for business success and mindset mastery


 How does it work?

  • Video calls online via zoom- you will receive a recording of your calls to go back and reivew at any time
  • Email support between the sessions (48 hour TAT)
  • You will also recieve useful templates and tools as appriate to suit your needs
Length & frequency

This is flexible and we can agree and adapt our approach as we go to meet your needs and progress.

  • I offer 45, 60- or 90-minute sessions
  • I recommend at least x 2 sessions every month
  • Dependant on your needs I would recommend 4-12 sessions in total


I offer 3- and 6-month packages that will reduce the cost overall and we can prolong the support as needed at this discounted rate.



Prices are currently reduced significantly due to COVID.

30-minute consultation call is free


Session prices

45 minutes- £35

60 minutes- £50

90 minutes-£65


Package prices

3 months package – 2x monthly 60 min calls = £240 (saving you £60)

6 months package- 2x monthly 60 minute calls = £420 (saving you £180)


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More detail...


Stress and trauma affect us all in different ways.

If these are having an impact for you we will plan manageable steps towards bigger goals, if these are appropriate.

We do this by looking at your core beliefs, self-motivation, self-regulation and your core capabilities. Using psychological resources to support mindset and behaviour change, we will work on developing both your positive beliefs and emotional resilience and in turn built your self-acceptance, esteem and confidence.

High-achievers and successful leaders when interviewed about their success talk about commitment to their self-care and wellbeing that generally many people neglect. When we neglect this aspect of our being or don’t develop healthy strategies early on in life, we adopt unhelpful coping mechanisms or behaviours and suffer the effects of stress or trauma overall. Long term this results in poor wellbeing and life satisfaction generally including ongoing chronic stress, depression, anxiety and burnout.

The incredible thing is when we specifically work on our wellbeing it is transformational and impacts all areas of our lives...

Stress & burn out

Stress and burnout are subjects I am passionate about as have experienced firsthand the impact this has on our lives myself and in fact one of the reasons, I am now a coach! You may be prone to working long hours, looking after others and not taking enough care of yourself and you may have previously been or currently be close to burn out.

The good news is we can learn how this is affecting our minds and bodies and form healthy habits to keep us well. Burnout comes in many guises and can be associated with a lack of time management and purpose management – balancing meaningful work, pleasure and reward. This can be because of not getting your own needs met, or work overload, or boredom in what you are doing, not being stretched, being over-stretched, having to balance finances, balancing relationships or the disappearance of fun and creativity and your innate desire to create is starved. Making small changes can have a big impact and you won't look back.

Life Purpose, Meaning, Identity


Are you looking for greater meaning and pleasure in what you’re doing?

If you feel stuck or stressed about the future and questioning what you want and whether you are headed in the right direction?    I feel you I have been there too and as I say this can actually be considered a version of burnout! This can be deeply painful and disruptive to your overall wellbeing so let’s take action.

Together we will uncover your ‘why’ – your purpose in life and set you on a path to greater satisfaction and meaning to achieve your dreams and aspirations.


Goals can help us manage our life; they provide purpose, direction, clarity, focus and motivation.  If your goals are vague or overly ambiguous, you are not going to end up where you want to be and feel disheartened or experience feelings of ‘failure’ and fuel an internal self-criticism dialog which can also be exhausting.

Together we will take a strategic and outcome focused approach and create plans throughout your coaching journey to achieving your professional and personal goals each step of the way and equip you with the tools to make further transformations in your life long term.

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