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This is a 8 week blended course and group coaching programme.

Over the 8 weeks you will have the opportunity to develop positive behaviour change and form new healthy habits, growing in self-acceptance and developing the skills for greater emotional resilience in order to live a happier and more fulfilled life.


Who this is for?

If your feeling stuck, recognise you need change, you struggle finding time for yourself or have previously suffered from depression, anxiety or some form of burn out, this supportive programme is for YOU!

Join a group of like minded people, learn how  to build the emotional balance you need to become the best version of you, reaching or setting new  goals for the future.


 What will I take away?

Tools & Techniques

Develop skills for improved wellbeing  using the tools and techniques you learn each week

Emotional resilience

Improve self-awareness, self-acceptance and build a stronger foundation of emotional resilience


Harness powerful positive beliefs and knowledge to awaken your inner strength and full potential

Vision for the future

Redefine what you need and want out of life to become truly happy and fulfilled

How does it work?

Weekly course content

Weekly online video course content and worksheets to watch and go through at your own pace and available in your 'course library' to go back to when ever you want to. 

Daily Journal

You will receive a purpose designed journal that matches the course content. This includes daily self-care prompts and mindful questions to embedding new habits and positive behavior change.

Weekly group coaching sessions

Each week we will meet via a group zoom call to discuss the weeks theme and explore what this mean to you. We share insights and learning and discuss ways we can apply these concepts into our daily lives, accessing further tools and techniques as well as connection.

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Next course starts  30th September 2020

Spaces are limited 

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What you will learn:

  • Techniques to reduce stress, avoid burnout & fatigue

  • Principles and power of the mind-body connection

  • How to build emotional resilience and understand your core capabilities

  • Uncover your core and limiting beliefs, how these hold you back and how to overcome these

  • How to grow self-acceptance, worth and confidence

  • How to develop a positive mindset, combat anxiety and depression

  • Harnessing technics for wellbeing including thankfulness, affirmation and visualisation

  • How to set and reach goals

  • How to manage your energy and improve performance

  • How to heal from within

  • And much much more!

Ruth Hards

"I would absolutely recommend this course for several reasons - the time to yourself, meeting new people, learning new tools to make you feel happier.

I took the Balance programme  personally to support the psychologist sessions I was having (which were ending) to give me that weekly check in with myself and to develop some new longer term coping strategies.

By attending I achieved all sorts of things!  New friends, some great new techniques and it helped give me the confidence to make me make my big decision to leave my job.. and feel excited about it!!

  It was great to meet a real mix of different people - ages / lifestage, professions and to draw from those really diverse experiences.

I didn’t know what to expect but the course certainly exceeded my expectations.

My favourite thing was the breathing exercises and the journal - it was great especially in the beginning and really helped me connect with the course and improved my sleep.

5* review from me."

Ruth Hards

April 2020

Pam Page

"The Balance programme came to me at a time when I needed to find time for myself and look at different ways that I could handle situations that I was finding myself in. 

The programme helped me focus on me and how I could start to rebuild my life rather than just existing and doing what I was asked.  It has helped me control my stress levels better and to learn about myself and what I can do to help myself.   Each week having a separate topic was great because this was then followed up over the week with questions and journal entries to keep you focused.  I am sleeping better, getting more exercise and eating better.  

I would recommend this to a friend or colleague, people tend to go along as I have for a long time saying that they are ok, when they are clearly not.  The balance and Healing programme is not only about you but your whole life and the way you can learn to look after yourself again and in a way perhaps makes the decisions that you have been putting off.

I would of paid double the amount, being able to discuss and not be concerned about emotions etc, I felt was very uplifting and this has really helped me re focus on my life again"

Pam Page

April 2020

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