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Are you ready to improve your life from the inside out... harnessing the power of your beliefs, developing self compassion, taking steps to change your habits and behaviours to
live a happier and healthier life?

My name is Jacqui and I specialise in helping people like you find release from depression, anxiety and burnout, letting go of the past and becoming the person you were meant to be...
I have helped many others do this and personaly been on this journey myself, so it is my priviledge now to walk alongside you in your own self discovery and transformational experience.

I am a registered nurse, massage therapist, hypnotherapist, mental Health practitioner,
certified as an NLP coach and in Time Line Therapy ®. I believe in using a range of tools, techniques and resources to meet my clients individual needs. Using years of evidence based clinical experience in combination with a heart centred, intuative and holistic approach.

1:1 coaching

 1:1 coaching is a great way to focus in on the parts of your life you feel stuck with strategic help to grow awareness and accountability to support you to take the steps  and action you need to make meaningful lasting change.
Find out more about how we can work together to achieve your
hopes and dreams and make them reality.
Using NLP techniques and positive psychology I can help you make the lasting changes you need.

Time Line Therapy ®

Hypnotherapy uses a deep relaxation or 'trance-like' state to heighten focus and concentration in your unconscious mind.
When you're under hypnosis,  feeling calm and relaxed, you are more open to positive suggestions and imagery to help overcome issues such as low self-worth, anxiety and depression. Hypnosis can also be used to help quit smoking, aid healthy eatting habits and many other issues.
Find out more to learn how this could help you.

Time Line Therapy ® developed by Tad James is a powerful theraputic technique that involves working with your unconscious mind similarly to hypnosis, whilst focusing on the surrender of core negative emotions linked to past experiences to transform your internal programming. I often use this in conjunction with coaching packages to get the best results.



Massage therapy is one of the oldest health practices known in history with deep routes in Chinese and Indian traditions and passed down through generations to heal injuries, relieve pain, and prevent and cure illnesses. 

 Western medicine and research is now showing that massage has been evidenced to help reduce pain and inflammation, promotes healing and links to mood management with reduction in depression.


Other services


Journaling has been found in scientific studies to be a is a powerful tool to support health and wellbeing .
Belief and Healing journals use positive psychological principles to support you and include affirmations, daily self care prompts, mindful questions, inspirational quotes and free journal space/ coloring.


Free resources

If your interested in doing more for your own wellbeing you will find some of these free resources helpful.


Wellness retreats coming soon

Coming in the
Autumn 2021 is
the opportunity to be part of a life changing immersive retreat.

learning about yourself,
leaning into your values,
purpose and a chance to redefine your life's goals.

Creating the map you need to reach you hopes and dreams but also learn to start truly living with joy in the moment, and being authentically yourself.

Bespoke training

Our sister company delivers workshops and trainning for community groups, schools and organisations.

We offer accredited and certified training in mental health first aid as well as range of bespoke packages on mental health and emotional wellbeing.
Contact us to find out more.


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Ruth Hards
"I would absolutely recommend this course for several reasons - the time to yourself, meeting new people, learning new tools to make you feel happier.

I took the Balance programme  personally to support the psychologist sessions I was having (which were ending) to give me that weekly check in with myself and to develop some new longer term coping strategies.

By attending I achieved all sorts of things!  New friends, some great new techniques and it helped give me the confidence to make me make my big decision to leave my job.. and feel excited about it!!   It was great to meet a real mix of different people - ages / lifestage, professions and to draw from those really diverse experiences.

I didn’t know what to expect but the course certainly exceeded my expectations. My favourite thing was the breathing exercises and the journal - it was great especially in the beginning and really helped me connect with the course and improved my sleep.

5* review from me."
Pam Page
"The Balance programme came to me at a time when I needed to find time for myself and look at different ways that I could handle situations that I was finding myself in. 

The programme helped me focus on me and how I could start to rebuild my life rather than just existing and doing what I was asked.  It has helped me control my stress levels better and to learn about myself and what I can do to help myself.   Each week having a separate topic was great because this was then followed up over the week with questions and journal entries to keep you focused. 

I am sleeping better, getting more exercise and eating better.   I would recommend this to a friend or colleague, people tend to go along as I have for a long time saying that they are ok, when they are clearly not. 

The balance and Healing programme is not only about you but your whole life and the way you can learn to look after yourself again and in a way perhaps makes the decisions that you have been putting off.

I would of paid double the amount, being able to discuss and not be concerned about emotions etc, I felt was very uplifting and this has really helped me re focus on my life again"

"I really learn't things about myself I didnt expect to and Jacqui's support has helped me make the changes I needed to but just couldn't manage alone, the whole experience has enabled me to focus on me and becoming empowered to heal myself"
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