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Welcome to Belief & Healing


I am the founder of Belief & Healing and so glad you are here as It is my privilege to support and work with you!

Belief and Healing is all about improving our wellbeing from the inside out, harnessing the power of postive beliefs and changing our long term behaviour to live happy and healthier lives regardless of the past or stressors around us.

If you don't yet believe you can heal and find true contentment and happiness...YOU CAN,

I know this because I have lived this story...(read more about me to learn more).

sometimes we just need someone to help us ignite our own abilities with the right tools to evoke our inner strength, release the chains of the past and old learnt behaviours or limited thinking. We are often the biggest barriers to our own success.

 I believe in you and know one day you will too, you just need to start the journey, you won't regret it...

See the range of ways I can assist you or your employees below based on my clinical experience as a health care professional and alternative therapist, grounding in the latest evidence and research and mission to help others heal themselves.


More about me

Balance Wellness Programme

The Balance Wellness Programme is an 8 week blended course and coaching programme offering:

1) Weekly online course content

2) Group coaching sessions

3) Your own daily practice journal to get the most out of this unique programme

4) Powerful tools and resources for wellbeing and self development



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1:1 Coaching

Do you need support to get on track, 1:1 coaching is a great way to focus in on challenges or parts of your life you feel stuck and harness your own power to find clarity and make the decisions you need to make to step forward and take action in your life, with accountability and support. Find out more to hear how we can work together and how this will assist you to achieve your vision and goals. 

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Journaling is a powerful tool to support daily practice of mindful reflection, whilst Belief and Healing journals also include daily self care prompts, mindful questions, inspirational quotes, free journal space and coloring.

Check them to learn about the health and wellbeing benefits...




Massage therapy is one of the oldest health practices known to history (3000 BC or earlier) with deep routes in Chinese and Indian traditions.  Hindus following Ayurveda “life health” medicine, use massage as a sacred system of natural healing with practice passed down through generations to heal injuries, relieve pain, and prevent and cure illnesses. 

 Western medicine and research is now showing that massage has been evidenced to help reduce pain and inflammation, promotes healing and links to mood management with reduction in depression. 

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Hypnotherapy uses a state of hypnosis, deep relaxation or 'trance-like' state to heighten focus and concentration in your unconscious mind. When you're under hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed, and are more open to positive suggestions and imagery to help overcome issues such as low self-worth, anxiety and depression, also used to help quit smoking, aid healthy weight reduction and many other issues. It is a pleasant, safe experience, find out more to learn how this could help you.


Coming in 2021 the opportunity to be part of a life changing retreat,

learning about yourself, your purpose and a chance to redefine your life's goals.

Creating the map you need to reach you hopes and dreams but also learn to start truly living with joy in the moment. 

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