Balance Wellness Programme

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What is the Balance Wellness Programme?

It is an 8 week online blended course and coaching programme to help you harness the ability to find balance...developing emotional resilience to learn to ride lifes waves, cultivating new healthy habbits and coping strategies to live a more fullfilled and happy life.

If your ready to transform, start to ackowledge your needs, find your voice, take better care of yourself or even make a bigger life decision this course is for you.

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What's included?

  • weekly live group coaching calls on zoom
    (worth £80)

  • 24 online videos
    ( 3x 10-20 min  per week)

    (worth 49)

  • Individual daily journal (worth £20)

  • 8 x Worksheets and PDF printable templates
    (worth £16)

  • 8 x MP4 meditations/ mindful exercises
    (worth £80)

  • online private facebook group

   Bonus 1:1 coaching call
   (worth £50)

Value worth £295
(Total saving of £171)

Cost to you £124 
£62 per month

Daily practice journal

You will love you own personal daily practice journal allowing you to track your progress and develop self care skills as well as embed habit change.

Beautifully illustrated, it follows the theme of each week with mindful questions, self care prompts, quotes and inspiration.

Live group coaching calls

 Alongside the online video modules our live group coaching calls are really important to connect, learn and share together.

As human beings we learn through stories and being seen, heard and recogised, so this can be an incredible powerful part of our healing, growth and personal development.

Groups are no bigger than 10 people
so these are always supportive and  safe oppertunities to check in but not compulsory you can not attend or just want to access online course content independantly.

 I will support you to succeed!

The reason I offer everyone a bonus coaching call as part of the programme  is because it is really important to me that you get the most out of the course as possible.

I will be your cheer leader and help support your accountability...

This is also why we have a private facebook group to connect and answer any questions you have along the way.

This makes this programme unique, compared to other online courses and the reason it is blended in this way.
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